Episode #12 – The Winter Market

Saturday morning, three inches of white out there, but it’s still a cool thing to hit the Farmer’s Market. With my three year old cousin in tow we hit it early. It’s around 9am – early but not too early, the place has started to stir and there’s a little time before the stroller crowd starts to roll in. Looks like the snow and snap of cold has scared a few people off, though. Not too insane in the aisles. Little cousin walks around with wide eyes and has already mentioned the play dough table. She remembers it from the last time we were here. We’ll get there, I assure her. As we walk through the place, the little girl attracts a lot of attention. Her wild curly mop of dirty blonde gets a bunch of awwws and she’s so cutes. She straight-arm points at things she likes and plays shy with certain people. She is curious and beautiful.