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StreetRag is an urban weblog and podcast about the city of Edmonton - a rusty 'ol socket of a town that wants to be a big city but can't figure out how. Edmonton is located in Alberta, which makes it the de-facto capital of industry in Canada. StreetRag is updated frequently with written urban vignettes, photographs of suspect quality, deuteronomously abstract vocal ramblings, barely coherent musings and specious ecumenical treatises. StreetRag is a love letter to Edmonton and its people.


Michael Gravel is based in Edmonton, Alberta and is the author and editor of He also maintains a personal website and blog, He's one of the founders and the frontman of Edmonton's Raving Poets, and is the Festival Producer of The Roar Spoken Word Festival. He is the founder and past editor of, an international online haiku journal. He's a professional MC, a deliverer of professional presentations, and a web designer. He lives in a wee house with his wife, stepdaughter, and two incorrigible hounds. He lives to write, code, and spend time with his family. Michael Gravel can be contacted here. Replies are almost guaranteed.


StreetRag is published with Textpattern, the best 'lil CMS you can get. StreetRag is broadcast from a stinky garage on Edmonton's South Side. It's powered by late night hallucinations, daytime terrors, and some downright holy walks in the river valley. Oh yeah, Tom Waits is in there somewhere.

Mike Gravel

The author, with a big light trail growing out of the back of his head.


StreetRag is an urban weblog and podcast about the city of Edmonton, which is located in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is authored by Edmonton-based writer, web advocate, and poet Michael Gravel and is updated frequently with written urban vignettes, amateurish photographs, deuteronomous audio material, barely coherent musings and rambling ecumenical treatises. StreetRag is a love letter to a lonely prairie burg struggling with its big city ambitions and small-town feel.

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The City

The city is Edmonton. It's a subject, not a passion. E-Town is almost universally derided by outsiders as an unlivable tundra wasteland populated by oil-hungry redneck conservatives who despise the arts. All of that is true. But it's not the whole story. There is beauty here. Dusty snowfalls. Brilliant summers. A stunning river valley. A diverse arts community that flourishes. It's a place that inspires a gray relationship - not all good, not all shitty. For that reason alone it is lovable, for what is life but a grayscale?

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