White House White Light

A Saturday night wander through the neighbourhood always yields interesting sights. Houses in various stages of decrepitude, new abodes with warm lights and soft couches. Apartment blocks of various vintages, garages with yellow light creeping under their doors. The mixed density and quality of a central neighbourhood.

The blinding white house
The blinding white house of Holyrood

One house caught my attention. It was impossible to not see this house. I saw its light from a few blocks away, and I thought it was an arena at first. I was nearly shocked to see it up close. A cool-white siren of LED light on an otherwise dark residential street. It was almost…I don’t know…obnoxious, maybe.

Lighting the exterior of a single family home with an excess of high-lumen 4000k LED fixtures seems rather unfriendly (aggressive, even), don’t you think? Maybe tone it down to 3000K and dim the fixtures down a notch or two? Your neighbours will thank you! Aside: I could rant about homeowner responsibility but I’ll leave that for another day.

All petty judgment aside, this house was the highlight of my Saturday wander. A beacon of non-restraint.