Scene From a Restaurant

The man sits at the table with his blonde consort. The two have just been seated at the table beside and slightly in front of me. He fiddles with his cell phone for several minutes before glancing up to his woman. He says nothing and she says nothing. This silence continues for several minutes until the man receives a call. He gets up and walks to the restaurant entrance. He has a ten minute conversation. The girl orders her meal during this time. When the man gets back to the table, he orders his food with a dissociated air. While waiting for their meals, the cellphone is put away and the two sit in silence. They avoid looking at each other. Waitresses stream past and finally their plates are delivered. Silence throughout the feed. It is difficult to tell if they are enjoying this. Man asks for the check before the girl is done eating. Pays cash, waits for her to finish. They get up and walk out, not a word between them.