The Frothing Shoppers

The frothing shoppers are out with teeth and credit cards bared. The streets are busting with them. Parcels in one hand, tall coffee drink in the other. The women wear high heels and long coats, confident that they got the best deals. The men wear thick-framed glasses and colorful scarves, confident that they look good and hip while dropping some cash. I have no qualms about any of this, save their facial expressions. There is no sadness, no happiness. There is indifference. Lamb-white indifference. Perhaps it’s the sub-zero temperature. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that winter, which has lasted so long already, is only half over. Maybe it’s caffeine, or the lingering fumes of last night’s vodka rip. Whatever the cause of this blankface parade, I will set about to name those I have observed. I will write about them and send the manuscript to those afflicted. They deserve a document, even if their names are wrong.