West End Drive

Justine and I out on Saturday night like we’re loose on a nightpass. Burning through traffic and changing lanes like we really have to be somewhere. ‘course we got nowhere to be, we’re just whiling the night away. Past the big mall and its shop-stunned masses. We both figure that an inspired act of god should happen to the place, flatten her to the ground. What would this town be with out the big mall? Our identity would take a blow sure, but we like that idea. Being partially defined by obscene consumerism isn’t anything to be proud of. Past The Monstrosity and down into the surrounding suburbs. The normally sad greige houses seem to give off a more sympathetic vibe at night. Maybe ‘cause the incandescent houselights are indicative of life. All those shadows in the windows. People just living. Cruise by more malls and stores, duck into a Mac’s. Grab a Coke and a bag of S&V. Just grabs a cookie. About time to head ‘er home so we do a nosedive onto the Whitemud at 110. I spill my Coke at 149th while executing a routine maneuver and almost take us fishtailing to a concrete grave. Lucky there was nobody in the far lane. Back to the assheadery of Whyte Avenue soon enough. All the birds out in their skinny finery and we’re tired of seeing it already. Home to the crumbling bungalow. Walk needs shoveling, roof needs a fix, windows need a clean, groceries need gathering, dog needs a walk. Christ, tomorrow is Sunday already. Some goddam Saturday night dates we are.

The Raving Poets: Rapture.
Open mic poetry designed to sock your rocks off.
Musical accompaniment by The Raving Poets Band.
Every Wednesday evening from February 21, 2007 until the end of May.
Yianni’s Taverna Kasbar Lounge 10444 – 82 Avenue, Edmonton.
7:30 list signup, show @ 8:00.

16 list positions available; everyone welcome.
Raving Poets.com for complete info.