There She Is

There she is, Summer, painting her nails and drying her underthings on the line, two million stunned somnambulists on her dirty sidewalks drinking lager and lemon, tattooed boys rubbernecking and flexing their pipes wringing every minute out of the day, coffee sippers switching to iced sodas and caffeine slushes with long straws drawn to sunred mouths, flipflop sting of sweaty sandal everywhere especially on the benches dirty soles and white cuticles the moon riseth late if at all, ice cream dangling down chins tiger tiger for her and rum raisin for him – something in a cup for the younger version sunglass-hat stained t-shirt, obnoxious two-wheelers prancing down the ave their roar bouncing from concrete walls and glass storefronts we do not need their noise, nuclear sun unconcerned with the dally of us – our minutia our complaints our spare change, overturned shopping carts in the alley looking for someone to take them up, the hot dog roaster pawing the blue night waiting for the mustard dobbers and their cousins the relish defamers, overblown straight six t-birds flying in from Venera horsepower doesn’t matter to them only the oil and the drink, music blasting from bass reflex enclosures the head units 4 volts to the amp — capacitance, the skinny neuters carrying half sacks and bags of cheetos where are you going with those too-aware sunglasses and clever teeshirts I ask, how about some change for some traveling kids?? how about not you little cocksuckers shove off you don’t deserve this piece of pavement, humble miss in the linen outfit and slightly askew red hair she is genuine I says with my pocket fumble, 7-11 hustlers and phone waiters looking for the next excuse, the hardpin swingers gnawing at the velvet rope and ten dollar cover, nobody breaks up in the summer it never falls apart like that – not when the sun burns your neck red and peeling, two million living bags of blood and meat just wanting to dank with impunity, there she is, summer, flicking toenails and sniping from the shade