Tearing and Roaring

Ah, the sharp chin of fall is in the air. She’s a wicked wench, this September. It’s time to get back to work. A languid summer of lollygagging and tomfoolerly has come to an end (well, it wasn’t all that languid, actually, but what the hell). Time to tape the windows over, cancel the phone and the cable service and WRITE. And READ, god dammit. As in, “perform”. Bust it out galhumping and stormblazing. Fuck the rest of the noise, the big action this week is The Roar. This Friday: September 21, 2007. A single night of spoken word brinkmanship featuring a few dozen E-Town bruisers and bawlers and a few international stars and starlets. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy. And don’t pretend that you know jack about poetry. It’s not capital-P poetry like you learned in Mrs. Kaylite’s grade 11 English class. It’s communication. That’s it. I’m not reading anywhere this year, but I’ll be emceeing the finale which features The Infamous Raving Poets Band backing up Heather Haley, Jack McCarthy, rob mclennan, and many other talented versesmiths. I’m looking forward to a few shows – notably Pilarski’s big skin show at 3 Bananas Cafe at 8:00pm. Check the action, and come on down for a night of super-cool verse.