Podcast Hits the Air

Or the ‘net, more accurately. I’ve finally got my shit together and put together a proper podcast. You can find it here: www.streetrag.com/podcast/. That page contains complete subscription instructions and a handy little “subscribe in iTunes” button, which will launch iTunes on your computer and get you subscribed. I’m only seven episodes deep so the “show” is still finding its sea legs. If you don’t want to subscribe, or don’t have iTunes, or don’t know what the hell a podcast is, you can listen to episodes via streaming audio right here on StreetRag. Most of the episodes are short — less than 10 minutes. At this stage (the embryonic stage) I’d rather create shorter episodes more frequently. That may change as the thing develops.

I’m quite excited about the StreetRag podcast, and I’m glad that I now have the proper time to devote to it. For the time being, I’m not posting any transcripts. I’d rather have the thing exist purely as voice. Not to get all philosophical, but I firmly believe that podcasting and audio voice recordings get us (reader and creator) closer to an oral tradition of storytelling – something that is swiftly vanishing from our culture and many others. Writing is a grand endeavor and a great adventure, but I will always maintain that written work – poetry or otherwise – comes truly alive only when spoken. The spoken voice offers intimacy. One hears inflections and nuances that just aren’t possible to convey on the written page. It seems (and is, obviously) a more natural form of communication; more honest somehow.

So if you will, let me introduce the StreetRag Podcast. It’s pleased to meet you and hopes that you enjoy all the meaningless blathering that it brings your way. As always, I’d love to hear feedback on this new endeavor. If you’re feeling squirrley, drop a comment or two on an episode. If you’d like to comment at length, drop me a line. I’d love to hear your thoughts, complaints, suggestions. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy the broadcast.