Odd Man Walking.

Sitting in the bistro enjoying my omelette, Sunday creaking out from behind the steel and white of downtown. It’s a beautifully prepared shot of eggs – perfectly browned with a hot middle of bacon and cheddar. The ‘ol Sunday brunch is an all too rare indulgence it seems, so it should be savoured and lingered over.
Man with a paint-splattered parka walks by the window and catches my eye. He’s got looks of content and bewilderment on his mug and gazes up at the sky as he saunters past. Holds a piece of paper in his workday mitt and scans it. What it says, who knows, but it seems key to his meandering. He walks back and forth past the window a few times. Looks up at the awning for a few moments and then walks around in front of the window some more. His size 14’s have the steel cap showing through the leather and his jacket has a splash of white latex all over the front of it. He’s obviously eyeing something up, but what that something is and for what purpose, who knows.

The window frames a few other Sunday walkers, but none as interesting as that man. Funny. Sometimes an omelette is all a guy can figure out on a Sunday morning.