And a big haiku to you, too

Today’s entry is a bit of a sidestep from my daily city writings…an announcement:

Back when I was writing for, I penned a daily side feature called “The Daily Haiku”. As you may guess, I wrote and published one little haiku every day. For me, it started out as just a whimsical little exercise. Before long it grew into something of a passion, and I’ve been writing haiku ever since. When I started this website,, my daily haiku adventure came to a halt. As much as it pained me to kill it, The Daily Haiku simply didn’t fit in with my vision of this site.

Before long I missed publishing haiku. I missed visiting that little island of simplicity. I missed those three lines of enlightenment.

Having said that, I’ve helped to build a NEW website devoted exclusively to haiku. It’s called Daily Haiku Dot Org – “A Daily Shot of Zen”. The site publishes one haiku (and one haiku only) every day, and features six hot haiku authors who take great pride in dishing up a “daily shot of Zen”. I gotta say that I’m pretty proud to be involved in this little endeavor. This new website can be found here:

Check it out and bookmark it. Have a poke around the site. Check out the contributors. A few you may even recognize. I highly recommend that you stop in there daily. is a little boat of simplicity sailing into your hectic life. It’s the antithesis of every overblown, ad-heavy website on the internet. It’s a no bullshit shot of zen delivered piping hot every day. Have a look. Enjoy the calm.