The Oil!!!!

Well, the Oilers flushed the San Jose Sharks last night 2-0. We even got a shutout to make it extra painful. And of course with a big win like that (and it is a HUGE win; a huge boost for the city) the Oilers fans were out in force down on Whyte Avenue. Many were dressed in their game day finest:

UPDATE: More great riot photos on

Oilers Round 2 Photo 1

Once again, you couldn’t wipe the smiles from people’s faces.

Oilers Round 2 Photo 8

Some took to higher ground to take in the action, or watch the party, or be the party .

Oilers Round 2 Photo 3 Oilers Round 2 Photo 4

Of course, what would a hockey celebration be without cute girls taking photos while standing on newspaper boxes?

Oilers Round 2 Photo 9

Or waving flags on their boyfriend’s shoulders?

Oilers Round 2 Photo 10

As you’d expect, things got ugly pretty quick. It didn’t take long before the whole street party felt unsafe and menacing. There must have been 10,000 people on the street. The crowd warmed up by burning an effigy of a Shark:

Oilers Round 2 Photo 2

Some shit was lit on fire while shooting up fireworks, which was incredibly dangerous. I saw one set of fireworks explode in the crowd, mostly underneath a crowd surfing female. She must’ve been hurt badly. There was a guy being passed around in a shopping cart who was dumped by the crowd. He came to the ground pretty hard. Much unhinged mayhem ensued.

Oilers Round 2 Photo 6

I saw a couple douchebags get their asses thrown in the brig for mouthing off the cops. The cops were very busy, and I give them credit for doing as good a job as they could.

Oilers Round 2 Photo 7

I left the scene before things really got out of control. I snapped one last photo before leaving. Not a distinct image, but beautiful colors.

Oilers Round 2 Photo 5